SOuLfiRe MeSSageS

It is my mission to help you transform what hurts into a key that unlocks the doorway to your next level in life.

Soulfire Messages is my heart’s gift to you, an ongoing and evolving conversation on a broad array of topics related to Chinese Medicine and the pursuit of genuine wellness in the modern world. 




As an integrative Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, it’s normal for me to use language that feels esoteric; you’ll encounter terms such as “spirit” with some frequency. Think of this in whatever way makes you most comfortable. Those who practice a faith tradition have their own idea of what spirit means. Atheists or agnostics might think of consciousness, or life force, that ineffable quality that moves something from not-alive to alive. And so on. There is space for all of us in this tent, and together we can muddle through our diverse understandings of the nature of existence.

I practice Classical and Traditional Chinese Medicine as a cis-gendered white woman in the United States. My content and references will come from within my training and lived understanding, and will not encompass all possible human experiences. I welcome all visitors with the deepest humility regarding my limitations. Please extend me grace if I miss the mark from your unique vantage point, as each of us can only see the landscape of the universe from where we stand.

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