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My approach to medicine is informed by my years as a creative business consultant. I believe we are partnering together to achieve a shared vision, each of us with a role to play.

You are the visionary leader who outlines the picture we paint together. You are the expert on your life, your environment, the circumstances you must manage, how things feel inside your body-mind-spirit, what will and won’t work for your real life that you are living. You are the team detective, paying attention to details and getting more and more access to information to bring back for us to use together.

I am the consultant you’ve brought in to help you accomplish your vision. I am the team strategist, it’s my job to ask the right questions, help you to discover shifts in mindset or behavior, and to offer useful ideas that will get you where you want to go. I am the expert on how to use Chinese Medicine as one of the tools to help you achieve your vision.

Partnering together, working in concert toward a clear vision, we have everything we need to succeed.

Membership Programs

Building and maintaining a life you love is an ongoing process – an art form – without an endpoint. Despite what many wellness gurus would have you believe, there are no “one and done” quick fixes that last, or shortcuts to self-care. 

Cultivating wellness and longevity can be a beautiful dance with life. The Five Elements offer us a way of moving through the days, weeks, months, and seasons of life in harmony with nature, with the flow and currents of the ever-changing Tao.

Access ongoing education and support with the art of wellness through the membership programs below.

Please note: participation in the Elemental Wellness program does not establish a doctor-patient relationship.

Financial Factors

One-time appointment options:

  • $20 for 15-minute Online Discovery Call (applied to the initial intake appointment if booked)
  • $200 Soulfire Session initial intake
  • $150 Soulfire Session follow-up
  • $100 simple orthopedic acupuncture for existing patients

Custom herbal medicine prices average $7-10/day. Rare and expensive herbs are used only when necessary.

I do not accept health insurance. You may request a receipt to file with your insurance.

Money is tricky in our culture – it’s all mixed up with our sense of worth and deservingness, but our finances have little to do with these intrinsic qualities. I have been blessed with generous help more times than I can name in my life, and it is my privilege to offer the same for others. If cost is a barrier to care, please feel warmly welcome to ask about a personalized sliding scale price for treatments during your screening call.

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