Elemental Alchemy

Feeling good is our natural state. It might not feel like that in your body (or mind) right now, but it’s the simple truth. 

The internet floods us with a constant stream of confusing and contradictory advice about how to recover from illness and achieve wellness. Much of this advice from so-called influencers (while well-intended) is based on faulty logic and glorifies disordered and unsustainable behaviors. Even worse, it just doesn’t work. Trying to sort and sift through all this information and figure out what to do can feel like a part-time job.

That’s why I created Elemental Alchemy. To make it possible for anyone to build their own best version of wellness and, in doing that, create and sustain a life worth living.

I have been profoundly unwell on every possible level, and I have healed. A decade ago I was disabled, depressed, and done with… everything. I couldn’t seem to find any passion for life.  I wasn’t proud of myself, I didn’t see a purpose for my future, and couldn’t imagine things ever getting better. That darkness and despair became the catalysts to completely transform every aspect of my life. After personally living the profound impact of aligning the mind, body, and spirit using simple methods that have helped people for millennia, I became a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to help others reclaim their wellness and fall in love with life again.

Elemental Alchemy is not just a coaching program; it’s a roadmap to ignite your inner fire and create harmony in every aspect of your life.

Create lasting, profound, transformational change in your life.

You’re here because something in your body, mind, or spirit doesn’t feel good. Maybe you struggle with insomnia, can’t seem to maintain new healthy habits, or are recovering from (or currently experiencing) chronic illness. Maybe you are constantly stressed out, your relationships are on the rocks, and you don’t feel excited about getting out of bed in the morning. Maybe you’ve achieved all the things you thought you wanted, and find yourself wondering if this is really all there is. Maybe you feel like there is something missing in your life, something you can’t quite put your finger on. Maybe you’ve never, ever felt as good as you think you should be able to feel. 

 Whatever your personal story, whatever the circumstances that brought you here, Elemental Alchemy can help you find your unique path to feeling better.

Throughout each month, weekly live focus sessions (with a video archive in case you can’t join us live online) will teach and support you in taking steps to move toward your goals. 

  • Week 1 – Mind: Unlock the power of your thoughts and beliefs, cultivating a growth mindset and gaining mental clarity to overcome obstacles.

  • Week 2 – Body: Embrace a loving partnership with your body by exploring nourishing habits, movement practices, and simple self-care.

  • Week 3 – Spirit: Explore practices that expand your consciousness and elevate your soul.

  • Week 4 – Integration: Integrate the wisdom you’ve gained throughout the month, allowing the transformative energy of each element to permeate every aspect of your life.

Each weekly focus session is designed to meet the moment while opening a gateway that moves you closer and closer to how you want to feel.

A Framework for Wellness

You begin the 12-month Elemental Alchemy Program with a self-paced course, Building Wellness, that takes you through 18 video modules on how to create a foundation in Mind, Body, and Wellness.

      •  The Mind section contains exercises to discover your soul’s purpose, successfully manage priorities when creating lasting change, achieving mental clarity and focus, and move toward your goals.
      • The Body section will teach you fundamentals of sleep hygiene, soft tissue care at home, fluid physiology, movement practices, and food basics.
      • The Spirit section gives you tools for processing thoughts and feelings, setting boundaries to create and maintain safe relationships, shamanic journeying as a tool for self-healing, finding happiness, and building your inner perception of personal power.

While you complete these modules, the online Elemental Alchemy Facebook community is available for peer support, and you can participate in the live weekly focus sessions.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that integrates the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shamanic Techniques with the power of modern leadership theory, business strategy, peer-reviewed research, and life coaching techniques?

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