Creating Change

Let’s begin at the beginning…
with the nature of things.

The nature of the Universe is change. Every quantum particle, cell, and being in the Universe is in a state of constant change – nothing exists alone, everything is in a constant state of interactivity (an aspect of what we call Qi in Chinese Medicine). From astrophysicists to philosophers to microbiologists, change is acknowledged across disciplines as a fundamental, immutable aspect of existence.

The inevitability of continual change inspires us to become masters of our experience, creating intentional heart-driven change.

To create is fundamental human nature. We are a species of powerful, inventive, gifted creators. We have a capacity for vision unique on this planet: we can both see how things are and dream of how they might be. From these imaginings came the cornerstone of every civilization, great work, and accomplished dream, however big or small.

Creation, authentic creation, means immersing our intentions into the river of perpetual Universal change and riding the current toward our vision. 

to succeed in an act of creation

we must understand three things:
where we are,
where we want to go,
and how to navigate the currents in between.

Right now something hurts.
Plain and simple, something in your life hurts.
It’s why you are here.

There are goals you want to achieve that feel out of reach. There is suffering in your life that you are ready to leave behind. 

And you want help finding the best way for you to do this.

The Huang Di Nei Jing, the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, teaches us that all disease is rooted in the spirit. And when you let that sit for a minute, doesn’t it connect to a deep knowing that you already have?

Spirit, life force, consciousness, anima, essence. However you choose to name the Shen, you know there is a core that is you and that hasn’t felt … right … in some time. That feeling may have started before you noticed physical symptoms, or it may have come after. But you know that there is something off, something imbalanced, at the very center of your being.

Daoists believe that our Shen, that animating force in each individual, manifests in us to take us through our life curriculum. The experiences we have, positive and negative, health and illness, play an instrumental role in the learning of our spiritual curriculum.

There is, then, no positive moral value to health, and no negative moral value to illness. There is simply a state of being in the moment that is instructive to our soul.

What happens where there is an imbalance, a disease, rooted in the Shen as part of your life curriculum?

✻ Burn-out, exhaustion, irritability, body aches, mood swings.
✻ Malaise or dissatisfaction with life.
✻ Pain – acute or chronic.

✻ Difficulty navigating life transitions.
✻ Lack of joy and vibrant well-being.
✻ Diabetes.
✻ Lack of fertility, recurrent miscarriages, irregular and/or painful menstrual cycles.
✻ Addictions.
✻ Painful and debilitating chronic conditions diagnosed as digestive disorders, autoimmune conditions, nervous system disorders, cancers.
✻ Heart disease.
✻ Inexplicable, rare, incurable conditions.
✻ Kidney, Liver, and other organ disorders.
✻ Psycho-spiritual and nervous system distress manifesting as neurodivergence, depression, anxiety, PTSD, intense sensitivity, and/or the myriad after-effects of adverse childhood experiences.

Any/all of these. And more.

But how did you get here?

There is a tendency, particularly in the alternative health communities in the United States, to blame ourselves or others for disease states. Perhaps it is the Puritan origins of our country that turned our view of health into a moral issue. Regardless of origin, this is a very simplistic view and, while comforting to some in its illusion of individual control, it is not accurate.

There is no morality to health. There is no amount of wheatgrass you can drink or organic food you can consume that will promise you will never fall ill, never have discomfort, and never die. 

Disease, discomfort, pain, illness… these are rooted in the Shen, in your life curriculum, and reflect a state in the body-mind-spirit interactivity (Qi) that has come about in response to a unique combination of stimuli from three categories of factors.


external Factors

Something that comes from outside you to invade your system. May be viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic, a type of external trauma (whether emotional or physical), climatic factor, or toxin.


internal Factors

Constitutional or genetic irregularities and deficiencies, emotional excesses/stagnations (Anger, Joy/Mania, Pensiveness/Rumination, Worry/Anxiety, Sadness/Grief, Fear, and Shock)


lifestyle factors

Typically arise from intemperate behaviors around diet, taxations and fatigue from mental or physical overexertion (like overworking, under sleeping, and so on), sexual intemperance, etc.

Each of us is in a perpetual state of constant interactivity between these factors. Everything is always changing.

Whether we feel well or unwell, each of us has a unique combination of these complex factors acting upon us at all times. 

So what separates the disease state from the state of wellness?

Disease exists when we have a sufficient degree of suffering with regards to our present state within the continual process of change. That suffering is rooted in the Shen.

The change you wish to create — for your life, spirit, body, profession, relationships — is unique to you.
Yet it is also rooted in  the common desire to alleviate suffering.
You want to feel vibrantly whole, to be peacefully grounded and present within yourself, and to live a joyful and successful life.

The factors above, in a matrix of constant change and interactivity, have led you to your present state. Adjusting these factors and partnering with the body and Shen in an effective way can, and will, help you to create the change you seek.

How do you find the most effective path to ride the currents of Universal change to the outcome you want?

You partner with someone who has navigated this river before and can show you the way.

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