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Dr. Christina


I am a classically trained doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, an internist and herbalist. My mission is to help you transform what hurts into a key that unlocks the doorway to your next level in life.

I have been profoundly unwell and I have healed.

In this lifetime I have undertaken a spiritual curriculum that led me to the depths of debility and back to vibrant wellness. My healer’s journey took me through being diagnosed with multiple “incurable” illnesses, losing myself in every possible way, and then reconnecting to my spirit’s innate wholeness and ability to create a life worth living. 

Now I help sick and spiritually disconnected people reclaim their wellness and discover how to fall in love with life again. 

My professional background includes decades of creative and strategic work in business, leadership, personal development, and health. I began studying spiritual traditions of the world as an adolescent hobby, eventually growing into advanced esoteric studies in the traditions of Reiki, Core Shamanism, and Five Elements Energy Clearing. I then earned Master and Doctorate degrees from Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts, in a program overseen by an 88th generation Daoist priest.

I can think of no greater honor than to help you find solid footing on your unique path to alignment between your body, spirit, and life curriculum.


If it doesn’t set your entire soul on fire, it’s not your life purpose. Keep looking. Try as many roads as it takes. Burn the maps and bust through the roadblocks.

The whole universe is waiting for you to recognize the unique genius your soul came here to express.

Your Life is Your Medicine


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