Welcome to the Building Wellness program – a mind, body, and spirit approach to achieving wellness through life’s transitions.

Led by Dr. Christina Velderman, a Classical Chinese Medicine practitioner, this program integrates modern and ancient practices to offer simple and accessible tools for achieving optimal wellness.


MIND: The mind modules in this program will help you align your values and purpose with your daily life, manage your time effectively, and cultivate mindfulness to reduce stress and anxiety. You’ll learn how to begin and end your day with intention, reduce friction in your daily routine, and put practical manifestation techniques into practice.


Values: Discover what is truly important to you and how to incorporate those values into your daily life.

Purpose: Identify your unique purpose and learn how to align your actions with your purpose.

Priorities + Time Management Matrix: Learn how to prioritize your tasks and manage your time more effectively.

Begin/End Day with Intention: Establish morning and evening routines to set the tone for your day.

Mindfulness: Cultivate mindfulness through meditation and other techniques.

Reducing Friction: Reduce the obstacles in your daily routine and make things flow more smoothly.

Practical Manifestation: Learn how to manifest your desires into reality.

BODY: The body modules in this program will help you take care of your physical body, from getting enough sleep to engaging in activities that clear stagnation and build strength. You’ll learn how to use foam rolling and cupping for tissue care, dry brushing for fluid physiology, and the basics of food for nourishing your body.


Sleep: Learn how to improve the quality of your sleep and establish a healthy sleep routine.

Tissue Care: Foam Rolling: Learn how to use foam rollers to release tension and improve mobility.

Tissue Care: Cupping: Learn how to use cupping to promote circulation and reduce pain.

Fluid Physiology: Dry Brushing: Learn how to use dry brushing to improve lymphatic flow.

Activities to Clear Stagnation and Build Strength: Learn how to engage in activities that clear stagnation and build strength.

Food Basics: Learn the basics of nutrition and how to nourish your body with healthy food.



SPIRIT: The spirit modules in this program will help you process your thoughts and feelings, establish healthy boundaries, and cultivate joy and love. You’ll learn how to journey for beginners, practice the Five Elements Personal Power Meditation, and understand the paradox of happiness.


Processing Thoughts and Feelings: Learn how to process your thoughts and feelings in a healthy way.

Boundaries + Safe Relationships: Learn how to establish healthy boundaries and cultivate safe relationships.

Journeying for Beginners: Learn how to journey for beginners and access your inner wisdom.

Joy, Love, and the Paradox of Happiness: Learn how to cultivate joy and love in your life and understand the paradox of happiness.

Five Elements Personal Power Meditation: Learn how to use the Five Elements Personal Power Meditation to cultivate inner strength and resilience.

This program is priced for affordability and designed to offer normal people simple and accessible tools that will help them feel good while going through the seasons of life. 


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